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This was #1. When developing Siege, it's clear to see this was the first map they had created. Therefore this oozes everything Siege, and R6 potentially stands for - CQC, an Urban setting, and a reliance on communication. Originally, where defenders were allowed outside, the construction site opposite the house was to be used as well. Check out the E3 Launch of Siege to see -

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A bigger 'House' in my opinion. Love that there's a watch tower attached that allows some cheeky vantage points to pop some kills. The location of objectives is pretty damn spot on in this map. The bedroom and laundry rooms offer a lot of fun and great plays!

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CLASSIC FUCKING SIEGE. Even though it's close and tight, there's also long hallways that make sure gameplay variety is still possible. Glaz has become such a popular choice on this one too now that he can penetrate through the windows! This is a 'Hollywood' Map that is one of my personal favourites. When it comes up in the playlist - you definitely get excited!

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Who doesn't love a snow map? This is a really well designed map which offers a balanced approach regardless of which tactic you play. Go from above, or below or enter straight in the main doors - all can pay off depending on the situation. And considering Siege's ethos is that every situation can play out differently, this map does exactly that. Looks gorgeous at night too!

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A classic R6 map for me, one that draws some similar vibes from Calypso Casino (Rainbow Six Vegas). Quite a large map too thinking about it, but this one is pretty enjoyable for me with skylight access, tunnels and back alleys (oi oi).

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Year 1 Season 2 Dustline DLC Map. I am always torn between this one, sometimes it's nice, but sometimes I know there's a lot of the map which isn't used for most game modes so the design could have been better. But paired with Blackbeard's shield, there are some great opportunities for some aggressive window pushes!

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A Christmas themed map! It has my heart for that alone. It's just so so cool and the train/bakery objectives are so memorable. Heck, even the cigar lounge had provided me with some cool plays. We need more Christmas themed shit in games! A great map for rappelling windows too!

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Very similar in feel to 'Bank'. The tunnels and stairways allow for this map to be quite fun with the chance to be really creative. On the bigger side, but it always feels like the map is being used if that makes sense? Again, classic R6 urban location.

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Now I am British. so this map is cool for me. A military fun zone which I really enjoy. This is one of my favourite maps in the game. It can be quite confusing when some floors look the same - it's like a house of mirrors, and that's fun right? You can use any sort of weapon or operator on this map, it is so versatile.

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Year 1 Season 4 DLC Map. Not one of my favourites at all, I won't lie. And I think the community will agree with me on this one. What I can say though, is that it's totally different to every other Siege map. This could be its problem - that it sticks out like a sore thumb. But definitely gets +1 for individuality.

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I didn't like this map at first. But it has definitely grown on me! One of my favourite maps to use Glaz. It's a big map, but a challenging one. The boat room and server room are such good objective points and well balanced too. Again, this is Siege 101.

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Destruction. Year 1 Season 3 DLC map. This has torn the community big time; some love it, some hate it. It has the highest destructibility rate; which as a defender always make you feel vulnerable. There's so many levels and rooms, this is a playground map for me where you can have some great plays. Using Glaz/Buck on this map is recommended just so you can f**k shit up!

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Year Season 2 DLC. This was the first DLC Map given to us and like every post launch map that has come, it splits the community. I don't mind this one personally, but it's one of those maps that you don't really care about too much. If she was a woman she'd be a 5/10.

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16. Tower

Year 2 Season 4 brought an element of vertigo to R6: Siege - anyone afraid of heights? Quick rappels from two sides of the tower and a quick breaches are possible here in one of the more unique maps in Siege. Love it or hate it, it definitely mixes things up!

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17. Theme Park

Not too scary at day. But when you play this map at night, it is by far the creepiest, eeriest Rainbow Six: Siege map to date! The Ferris wheel even gives of a kinda Chernobyl vibe. What makes this map great, however, is the total differences between objective locations. They require a unique approach to each round! All aboard the ghost train, guys!

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Brought to us as an extra map during the end of Year 1. Bartlett University was including in the final multiplayer 'Situation' entitled 'Article 13'. This is the closest we got to a story mode for R6: Siege. The situation map had a thick yellow smog across the map due to a chemical gas attack on the university. Players wore gas masks which does make you think of how they could bring this in to online gameplay somehow? Could be a good combat against smoke!

Anyway, for the online map, the smoke was removed and faced some slight redesigns to better suit online play. Not proved too popular since release, but hey - it was an extra map!

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