Dark Souls 3 The Fire Fades

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DARK SOULS™ III – The Fire Fades™ Edition includes the full game & the Season Pass. Expand your experience with the Season Pass featuring new maps, bosses, enemies and additional weapon and armor sets.

As fires fade and the world falls into ruin, journey once more into a universe filled with more colossal enemies and environments. Fans and newcomers alike will get lost in the games hallmark rewarding gameplay and immersive graphics. Now only embers remain…

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  • Atmospheric Visuals: Dynamic lights and particle effects immerse avid gamers into a gloomy fantasy International of ruin.
  • Interconnected International: Expertly crafted International encourages avid gamers to explore huge and breath-taking landscapes.
  • Sword Action: Diversifies combat action permitting avid gamers to craft their very own distinctive play taste.
  • Unique On-line System: Evolution of trademark On-line multiplayer functionality that seamlessly integrates On-line interactions into single-player story.

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